Resolution! 16 Feb, 2012 – A year ago today

I’d spent every evening of my half term break at Resolution! Pieces I’d seen were beginning to remind  me of/morph into one another. Fortunately the components of this Thursday triple bill had character and verve.

I wasn’t originally scheduled to do this, and therefore ended up writing two nights in a row. My fellow Resolution! Review writer said “You deserve a brownie!” Yup, I think I saved my best work for last.

Resolution! February 16, 2012:

LeNa Dance Company, What’s In The Box

Joe Lott, Tender

Dynamic Eclipse Arts, Forever And A Day – In Loving Memory Of….

This Resolution! bill takes us deep into the human mind, heart and soul.  A look into the recesses of our subconscious mind is followed by a trio dispelling hero stereotypes. The night ends with an ensemble piece depicting the never-ending relationship between two souls that resonate with each other.

Forever And A Day – In Loving Memory Of… begins with the Max Richter strings that many companies have taken to this season, and has its ensemble of ten dancers perform affective reaches and contractions in unison. The central couple joins in the terpsichorean emoting, portraying a difficult yet determined relationship. Then, in a turn of events, the performers start popping, locking, and jamming, looking much more at ease and lighting up the stage with a refreshing effervescence. Nothing can separate this tormented couple, reunited amidst the flurry of elbows and dizzying footwork. Like a benign tumour, the piece made an impression – a mild, insignificant one.

Superman was simply Clark Kent, and Cinderella was the most ordinary of girls. Yet they are regarded as heroes. Joe Lott’s Tender asks the question: what lies beneath their steely exteriors and porcelain faces? The trio of dancers executed angular movement sequences, paying tribute to Spiderman as their fingers crept across their bodies. Bookended by video clips of a free-spirited girl in an open field, Tender is a reminder that even heroes have the right to dream.

The information in an aircraft’s black box cannot be easily erased, and is hugely valuable in investigations. Our minds are our black boxes, and LeNa Dance Company unleashes the wild thoughts that are hidden in them. Cornelia Voglmayr and Flora Barros play the thoughts in our mind in a translucent black cube on stage. Restricted and suppressed, they eventually erupt in aggressive tantrums and uncontrollable fits of laughter. The pair reflect the inner turmoil of the performers outside the cube, whose occasional twitch and look of distraught exposes their discomfort within their own skin.

Published on Resolution! Review alongside Josephine Leask.


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