Let’s give ’em something to talk about

I read this. (Click to read – it’s long, but a brilliant piece!) And thought I’d like to do one too.

It seems rare that writers  reviewing different genres have a chance to meet, let alone work together.

Thus, I jumped at the opportunity of covering Face to Face III: Full Circle at the National University of Singapore’s Arts Festival. This was a theatre and dance double bill, featuring work by student choreographer Samantha Eva Ho and student director Chen Yingxuan.

Face to Face III: Full Circle © JK Light Capture

Face to Face III: Full Circle © JK Light Capture

I don’t know if the editors at the Flying Inkpot were completely sold on the idea – it’d never been done before on the site. They seemed to (hesitatingly) say yes. And after a nervous wait (during which I thought the other writers must’ve deemed it a crazy idea), Sock Keng came on board.

We met before the show, and discovered that not only are we the same age, my guest is friends with her. Conversation came easily, and we parted ways only to reconvene on email.

Here’s our piece: Face to Face III: Full Circle by Chen Yingxuan and Samantha Eva Ho with Chong Tze Chien and T.H.E Dance Company on the Flying Inkpot. (Again, it’s long but worth a click!) And more photos here from JK Light Capture.

We talk about the choices these student artists made with regard to the existing scripts written by Faith Ng (of Checkpoint Theatre fame), Eleanor Neo and Wang Liansheng; the use of space, lighting, sound and choreography; and the opportunity for students to be mentored by working practitioners and to present their work on such a scale and platform.

It took us a week to write. Admittedly, it was easier receiving an email with Sock Keng’s paragraph than sending one with an additional one I’d written. But I’m glad it came together in the end (and it got published)!


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