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Here and now

Dance is rewarding, uplifting, and gratifying. It’s also unforgiving, all-consuming, and demanding.

It is like no other art form – because its language is movement, and it speaks through the human body.

For dance in a professional context, this body is required to be highly attuned – taut yet fluid, weightless yet grounded, spontaneous yet prepared. To maintain this, the daily routine of class is essential.

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Resolution! Jan 14, 2012 – A year ago today

If you think these Resolution! reviews came rather quick, you read my a-year-ago-today rookie mind! I was the first Resolution! writer to complete two reviews, and spent the 3 days in between endlessly re-reading my first, thinking about that first show and dreaming up new, illustrative words and phrases.

This triple bill was one of those rare, inspired ones when the review began to take shape (in the form of low-decibel mumbles – imagine a cross between speech and thought bubbles) on the tube home.

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Singapore Arts Festival – What now?

Days after the conclusion of last year’s edition of the Singapore Arts Festival (or Arts Fest as we know it) came this announcement. I was clearly the last person to find out (in September) that 2013, the year I am in Singapore in May/June, would see the Arts Fest in hibernation, under review.

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